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About me

I obtained MSc as biologist at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, in 1984. From that time onward, I work for the Biological Research Centre, Szeged, Hungary. I received a Molecular Biology PhD (“Candidate of Science”, CSc) degree in 1993 from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. My supervisor was Dénes Dudits and the field was plant biotechnology (genetic manipulation of potato). Between 1993-1996, I was a post-doc at the Institute des Sciences Végetales CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette, France (in the laboratories of Spencer Brown and Éva Kondorosi) due to PHARE and EMBO post-doctoral fellowships. I worked there principally on Nod-factor signaling and cell cycle regulation. Returning to Szeged, I become the deputy group-leader in Dénes Dudits’s group and worked on cell cycle regulation, Rho-GTPases, and somatic embryogenesis. In parallel, I led the “Plant Gene Technology” division of the “Bay Zoltán” Foundation for Applied Research, and the “Green Biotechnology” division of DEAK Plc., for several years. I am an editor of Plant Cell Reports from 2007. I established my independent research group in 2008 within the Institute of Plant Biology of BRC. I obtained a DSc degree form the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2008 for my studies on somatic embryogenesis. In 2015, I habilitated and I become the full professor of the Department of Plant Biology of the University of Szeged, but I maintained my group-leader position in the BRC. My current research interests are ROP GTPase-related kinase signaling, plant morphogenesis and plant developmental plasticity.


Memberships, duties

Agricultural Biotechnology Scientific Committee, Hung. Acad. Sci.: president (2015-), 
Agricultural Biotechnology Scientific Committee, Hung. Acad. Sci.: member (2003-) 
ERC panel member (2015, 2017, 2019) 
EPSO “Fascination of Plants Day” – national coordinator (2012-) 
Life Science Committee of the National Committee for Scientific Founds, member (2009-2011) 
Jury of the National Committee for Scientific Founds, member (2002-2005) 
National Genomics Technology Platform, workgroup leader (2010-2011) 
“Biotechnology” Grant Committee, Ministry of Education, Hungary (2000-2003) 
Hungarian Association of Plant Biologists, member
Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology, member
International Association of Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, member
Associate editor Plant Cell Reports (2007-)

Associate editor Biomolecules (2019-)

1984 - University MSc degree: biology-ecology, “Lajos Kossuth” Science University, Debrecen, Hungary 
1993 - PhD/CSc degree: Parasexual gene transfer methods widening genetic variability in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary 
2008 - DSc degree: Biotechnology of Plant Reproduction: The first steps of embryo-genesis in vivo and in vitro, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary 
2015  - habilitation, University of Szeged, Faculty of Sciences and Informatics, field: biological sciences